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Jezar Riches

Actor — Papa Jennings Is Gone: “Aggie”

Actress, singer, director, writer, rap artist, and producer, Jezar Riches is practically limitless in her ability to create orginal content and captivate audiences. Having won mutiple awards in the "Best Actress " category for varied performances, Jezar also achieved recognition for, "HALT- The Motion Picture" in the "Best Screenplay" and "Best Feature Film" sections. The success of "Halt" continues as it is featured on Amazon Prime, Tubi, and Google Play.

The Detroit native has spent her life cultivating her craft and harnessing her unique style. Her 70,000 followers on Tiktok and 22,000 on Instagram look forward to her updates faithfully. Four of her videos went viral and received comments from multiple celebrities. With her well established brand of family friendly comedy and proven wholesome lifestyle as a wife and mother of two talented young sons, Jezar Riches is a true rarity.

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